Did you know the bugs that live in your gut account for more than 90% of your genetic makeup?! You’re essentially just a host for a whole world of critters that have taken up residence in your gut. GROSS!

As gross as that reality may be, these little creatures play a pivotal part in our health. Science is researching extensively just how much influence these bugs have on our health, our gene expression, how medications work in our system and so much more.

It’s been recognized that this is one of the first systems that breakdown in the body for a variety of reasons. When it does, the effects can manifest ANYWHERE in the body. In other words, science is now recognizing breakdown in this system is part of the cause for most, if not all, other diseases/illnesses in the body.

Research suggests that more than 80% of Americans have guts that are NOT working correctly. That’s a HUGE problem. There are a number of variables that challenge this system and could account for why so many Americans have these issues even if they are not experiencing any gut symptoms.

Here are just a few variables:

  • Stress
  • Sugar consumption
  • Consuming too many carbohydrates (they inflame the gut making it dysfunction)
  • Toxic exposure in the beverages, including water, that we drink
  • Alcohol
  • Processed/Fast foods
  • Medications of all kinds, over-the-counter and prescription
  • Antibacterial anything
  • An overabundance of chemical exposure from common household cleaning supplies to laundry detergents to hygiene products

And the list goes on….

So what are some simple acts you can do so you don’t kill off or throw off the balance of this intricate world?

Here’s to being Healthy!

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